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Beoordeel 2019 Rasteau, Domaine les Evigneaux

2019 Rasteau, Domaine les Evigneaux

De neus is complex met een mix van zwarte bes, framboos en vanille-extract. De smaak is vlezig en ontwikkelt zijn intensiteit en kracht over de gehele lengte van de wijn. De tannines zijn robuust en goed geïntegreerd, wat een spectaculair resultaat beloof
Wijnkoperij Wesseling, een begrip in Laren en omstreken sinds 1988.
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Rasteau, Domaine les Evigneaux



Benoit and Frederic Lavau have always been fans of Rasteau which became a cru in 2010, and they have been making it for many years. Because of their special fondness for these vineyards whose outstanding exposure they recognise and which they consider to be “atypical”, they decided to acquire 10 ha in the appellation in 2014. their 12 plots are located in Rasteau’s most emblematic terroirs. these are ideal vineyards for their plans to create a wine capable of delivering all the complexity and power of this extraordinary AOC.


the Syrah vines are planted in the gravel and clay soil of the Quaternary terraces of Bellerive. Located in the south of the appellation, these are sunny and early ripening, providing the vines with perfect growing conditions. e Grenaches are planted to the north in cooler soil, accentuating the variance between day and night time temperatures and thereby enhancing the colour and aromatic intensity of the varietal. the pebble and gravel soil mixed with complex clay allows constant, even drainage and water supply.

“The nose is complex and of great depth, a mixture of blackcurrant, raspberry and vanilla extract. The palate is meaty and develops its intensity and power across the entire length of the wine. The tannins are robust and well integrated, promising a spectacular result after 3 to 5 years’ cellar ageing (if you can wait that long!).”

Blend: Grenache 50% Syrah 30% Carignan 10% Mourvèdre 5% Cinsault 5%

Yield: 36 hl/ha 100% Destemmed grapes

Vinication: cold pre-fermentation maceration, followed by 28 days maceration with pumping over and rack and return.

Ageing: 12 months in new 228L barrels

Cooperage: François Frères, Burgundy.


The Domaine Les Évigneaux spreads over 10 hectares in Rasteau, a charming village in the southern Rhone Valley. Perched on a hill overlooking the Dentelles de Montmirail Mountains, the uneven terrain of the Rasteau vineyards offers a great diversity of soils and a fascinating landscape. From one terrace to another, depending on the slopes, we go from a clay-chalk soil to blue marl, and rounded pebbles to red marl. With over fifteen plots spread over the entire Rasteau appellation, this estate takes full advantage of this geological diversity which has assured the reputation of this Rhone Valley Cru.

On the lower terraces, the soil strewn with rounded pebbles is perfect for the Grenache vines which produce wines with a profile of great warmth and character, typical of the southern Rhone Valley. On the hillsides, the poorer soil, clay-chalk and sometimes almost sandy, give a more subtle profile and are equally good for the Grenache vines and the region’s other emblematic varietals: SyrahMourvèdreCarignan, etc. We blend these different profiles to create complex wines with great aromatic force as well as finesse and elegance.